Larkin Stetler

My name is Larkin. I am a wife and a mother of two incredible boys. I am a people person, someone that is always looking to help others. Fitness has helped me through the years not only to manage stress but to stay healthy. I am always trying to be healthy by exercising and trying to eat healthy without too tight of restrictions. I help others come up with a plan to get on the right track. Yoga came into my life before I started a family. At the time it was an amazing way to stay in shape in an empowering way. I learned so much about myself. I stayed with it through both pregnancies. Continuing with Mommy and Me yoga with the Babies! I had goals of some day becoming a Yoga Instructor.

Life moves so fast… Continue to 12 years later. The stars finally aligned and it was time for me to take my leap. I am now teaching classes all across the bay area and loving it.

The Experience of the 200hr training changed me for ever. Never had I had something to be so grateful for. To finally have the skill that I have always wished for that could make a difference in others lives.

I have big dreams and I am continuing my path of making a difference.  




January 2017-May 2017

Studio 108  Yoga & Holistic HealingCertification

  • 200 hr Completion  – May 2017
  • 40 Hr Completion – June 2017
  • 40 Hr Completion – September 2017
  • 10 Hr Yin Yoga February 2018

Beach Pinellas Yoga

  • SUP Certification – April 2017
  • SUP Yoga Certification- April 2017

Mastered Workshop

  • Philosophy- Intro. To Sutras
  • Traditional Sun Salutation and SSA
  • Foundations Of the the Hot 108
  • Anatomy with Dr. Pedro
  • Ayruveda with Marilyn Parker
  • Yoga Nidra  
  • Ashtanga with Tanya Poulos
  • Anatomy of the Knee with Jennyris Nieves
  • Breakdown & Breakthrough   Arm Balance and Inversions with Missy White
  • Asasna
  • Alignment and Adjustments with missy White
  • Goals and Manifesting Workshop With Jennyris Nieves
  • Pre-Natal  with Kim Denham
  • Yin Workshop  with Jennah Masset
  • Rocket 1 &2
  • Yamas & Niyamas with Jennyris Nieves
  • Funky Transitions with Missy White
  • Art of Adjusting with Missy White
  • Hot 108 Series
  • SUP Strokes
  • SUP fitness
  • SUP Safety on the water
  • SUP Yoga