Mari Gilbert

Mari Gilbert combines her experience with Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and love for yoga to bring you a memorable and blissful experience out on the water. Mari provides Step by step ,and easy to follow instructions suited for beginning yogis, all the way to most advanced yoga practitioners . She is a Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT -200 hrs, Certified in Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga, Vinyasa teacher trained, and CPR and First Aid certified.

About Stand UP Paddle ( SUP) Yoga: looking for something that will improve your mind , body and soul? As well as being surrounded by a natural, serene setting? Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is the answer! Paddleboards are wider & longer than a typical Surfboard allowing for easier balance and more stability especially when practicing yoga. Students will build core strength, improve balance, and work muscles that they rarely used . Instruction always takes place in locations selected for their natural beauty, serenity and safety. Small 3lb Anchors which are attached to the paddleboard’s are provided so that students do not drift away and are always in ear/eye distance of the instructor. Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is a perfect way to counteract the stresses of life, clear one’s mind, get in touch with nature, and relish the personal growth that comes with the development of new abilities.